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Mixed Metals Curved Ear Climbers- Copper, Silver and Gold

$ 20.00

Handmade ear pins are crafted from 20 gauge sterling silver wire. These unique lightweight earrings can easily be worn every day, and can be dressed up or dressed down. The bright and smooth 2mm beads are blocks of sterling silver, 14k gold-filled, and copper rounds. They really give these earrings a modern, minimalist look. The ear pins are approximately 15mm long, and the middle bend is about 5mm across.

How To Wear Ear Pins:
Simply insert ear pins as you would normal earring hooks. Then swing them up so they are sitting against the earlobe. If necessary, adjust by squeezing the ear pin gently so that it hugs your ear. Soft rubber earring backs are included, which you may choose to use or not—if you have thinner earlobes, piercings that are a little stretched out or just want the extra security, the earring backs should help.

More Ear Pin Tips:
-If you have already pinched the pin to your ear but still want a tighter fit, swing the pins back down to the hanging position, and gently pinch the pin together. Then swing the pins back up onto your earlobe.

-As with any jewelry, I recommend removing your ear pins before sleeping, bathing or swimming.

-Clean with a soft polishing cloth.

Ear pins come carefully packaged in a classic white cotton-filled box, ready to gift - or keep for yourself! Also included is a "How To Wear Ear Pins" instruction card.

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