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A Fun Find, Squirreled Away

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It's "Free Dump Month" in Freeport, Maine, which means each household in town receives a coupon to bring one truck or trailer load to the transfer station for free (exciting stuff, I know).  Anyway, my parents were going through their basement to purge some clutter and take advantage of the coupon.  I stopped by their house yesterday to drop off some surplus strawberries from a u-pick trip, and my mom surprised me with a super fun find:

Squirrel's Nest Gift Box Squirrel's Nest Gift Box

It's a gift box from my great-grandmother's shop "The Squirrel's Nest" (from which the name of my own business originated).  This adds to my growing collection of goodies from The Squirrel's Nest, including a sign (which hangs in my studio), a wooden squirrel cutout that we think went along with the sign, and some customized ribbon that was used to dress up customers' purchases...probably to tie up the gift boxes!

Squirrel's Nest Sign

Squirrel Cutout

Squirrel's Nest Ribbon

Various family members have generously passed these items on to me, and I am so excited to have another piece of the puzzle! 



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