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Explorations in Personal Style

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Explorations in Personal Style - Closet


Lately (well, lately and my whole life) I’ve been searching for my own personal style.  I go through fashion phases and cycles like anybody, but recently I’ve been thinking a bit more philosophically about my own core style beyond just “fashion.”  I think a few things have contributed to this –

1: The desire to maintain a whittled-down wardrobe, but with (at least some) higher quality items.  You always hear people tout this philosophy, and while I don’t feel it’s necessary or practical at this point, with my lifestyle, to go out and replace my Gap Outlet t-shirts with $100+ “luxury tees,” I do recognize that there would be value in investing in certain pieces that are super versatile and well-made.

2: Related to number one, I am at a place with my weight/body where I feel more confident actually investing in some better quality items.  My weight has fluctuated 20-45 lbs my whole life, and after a weight loss journey over the past year (thanks WW!) I feel like I have the knowledge and power to maintain a baseline range.  I always felt held back by lurking thoughts of “it’s not worth investing in X, because when it doesn't fit in a year or so I'll just feel worse.”  But I finally feel comfortable in my own skin, with a sense of stability that I can maintain roughly where I am (Universe, please do not punish me for saying this aloud!

3: Body issues aside, I find that simply getting older and experiencing more life and time leads to a better sense of self, more confidence and willingness to explore and evolve.

So I've been perusing blogs and books, and having fun in this "information-gathering" stage, and would love to hear about others' explorations in personal style.  Have you gone through a “style soul search,” or are you there with me right now?  If you have spent more than you usually do on a wardrobe item, are you still glad you bought it?  Was there anything you regretted splurging on?



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